A Big Scare, Then Some Big Changes August 23 2022

On January 15th, 2021, my mother and founder of Dyers Wool—Pam Dyer—was flown to Denver for emergency heart surgery. Despite the terrible odds, she survived and has surpassed everyone's expectations for recovery. We made a family decision to move Mom & Dad into our home and combine our farms into one. It has been a long process, but in May of this year we completed an addition on our home just for them. Everyone enjoys the closeness, but appreciates the privacy, too.house addition

We have been running the business together now for about a decade; Mom will continue to be involved, but at a less-intense level. The merged flock contains more Shetlands than Navajo Churros (my bias, I suppose), but we will continue to offer our homegrown wool and broker wool from our fellow Colorado growers. 

Thanks for all the well wishes and understanding as I struggled to fulfill orders amidst medical appointments, moving, construction chaos, farm work, and regular family life. We feel blessed with wonderful friends and customers (which are often one-and-the-same)!


Kelsey Reeder

Dyers Wool