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Oodles of Lambs! May 24 2015

Warning: the following article contains insane amounts of cuteness.  View at your own risk.

We anxiously awaited the arrival of lambs this spring, schedule for the end of April, because we were using two new rams this year.  Our new Navajo Churro ram is what's called a black and tan: he is solid black on most of his body, with a light tan belly and markings on his face.  Our new Shetland ram is solid black.

We started the lambing season off with a bang when Claire, our moorit Shetland ewe, had two gorgeous black ewe lambs.  Over the span of one week, the Reeder's half of Dyers Wool was done with lambing: three black ewes, one gray ewe, and two gray ram lambs.  The Dyer's half of Dyers Wool didn't even start lambing until almost a week later, with the delivery of three lambs in one day: one white Shetland ram, one black Shetland ram, and one gorgeous black Churro ewe.  A week later, the last ewe, a brown Churro, had healthy twin dark brown ewe lambs.  What a great crop of lambs this year!  Photo time!


Claire and her twin Shetland ewe lambs, Fiona and Frankie (top).  Fiona relaxing with a full belly (bottom left).  Claire gifted us with twin gray Shetland lambs, Fergus the ram and Fergie the ewe (bottom right).

Caelee gave us the only white Shetland lamb this year, a cute little ram (left).  Bonnie, our moorit Shetland ewe, had a gorgeous black ram lamb (top right).  Fergie and Fergus enjoying some pasture time (bottom right).

Our gorgeous black Churro ewe lamb, Flora.

Our two dark brown Churro ewe lambs, Fata and Fala, are so dark in color, you can't tell they're not black except in the brightest sunlight.

Every evening, the lambs go wild and we get to enjoy crazy lamb races!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the season!

- Kelsey

Lambing is Done! May 18 2014

Lambing started May 1st with a double-header - one lamb in the morning and the next in the afternoon.  To top it all off, I had a board meeting to attend that evening.  It was a busy day.  Two-and-a-half weeks later, and we were done with lambing.  Yay!

This was Chloe's first lambing, and she did a great job.  She had her little white ram lamb, Eddie, up and nursing in 20 minutes.

This handsome little guy is Ewan, out of Panda and Cameron.  He is such a friendly little guy, and his pattern is so much fun!  We expect he'll go gray, but he carries brown through his mother.

This was Claire's first lambing, too, and she didn't have as easy a time as her sister, Chloe.  I had no inkling she was carrying twins, but sadly one of the twins didn't make it.  The surviving twin, Elsa (Frozen the movie, anyone? our toddler named this one), is a gorgeous brown katmoget ewe lamb.

Gwen saved the best for last this lambing season.  She has always twinned before, but this year she had a single ewe lamb, Eun (Gaelic for 'little bird'; pron. "En").  We've been waiting for a ewe lamb out of Gwen and McIntosh, and Eun did not disappoint.  Her fleece is a soft, luminous white.

Nothing like a late-Spring snowfall.  The lambs enjoyed it!

Take care!

- Kelsey