Magazines & Taos October 10 2014 1 Comment

It's been a busy month since the Salida Fiber Festival at the beginning of September.  Our cards were featured in Victoria Magazine's October issue, which came out in mid-September.  We were busy getting ready for the Wool Festival at Taos, and then had amazing interest in the cards and have had to keep making the cards to keep up with orders.  A good problem to have, right?  The Wool Festival at Taos was a spectacular weekend and fiber-enthusiasts came out in huge numbers.  Our locker hooking kits, dyed and natural Corriedale and Navajo Churro roving, sheep earrings, shawl pins, and stitch marker necklaces were extremely popular.  I guess I know what we'll be doing for the next few weeks - making products to restock our inventory!

Isn't that the cutest product photo?  We are honored they wanted to showcase our notecards!

We couldn't have fit more into the trailer for the Wool Festival at Taos!


We were so busy on Saturday, right from the moment we opened, that we hardly had a chance to sit down.  Grandpa Jim watched Abby, Pam demonstrated locker hooking and fielded technical questions, and Trent and I were the cashiers.  On times like this, I'm very glad this is a family effort!


Abby was exhausted by all the excitement and fell asleep in her chair behind the booth.  I wanted a nap, too!


On a sad note, Lucy, our guardian dog, passed away over the weekend. Thank you so much for being a great farm companion and protecting our sheep for over a decade (from predators as well as whirlwinds, thunder, and bunnies). We'll miss you, good girl! Rest in peace.

Thanks to all our customers for your support online and at the wool festivals, and thank YOU for reading!

- Kelsey