A Great Salida Fiber Festival September 12 2014 1 Comment

Many thanks to all the Salida Fiber Festival volunteers, our customers, and our locker hooking students this past weekend!  It was a great festival, with amazing attendance, and even the weather cooperated (it was a bit windy, and some storms threatened but never really rained).  Our Colorado-grown roving was a huge hit, and everyone loved accessorizing their woolen items with our handmade shawl pins.  Looks like we'll be busy this month restocking our inventory for the Wool Festival at Taos!

We packed as much into our 10 x 10 booth as possible.


See all that gorgeous hand-dyed Corriedale roving?  We should have done more; it was almost gone by the end of Saturday!

Vertical displays are the only way to go with all our diverse products.

Pam's class on locker hooking went well.  Between the class and her demo on Sunday, we have many more people "hooked" on locker hooking (sorry, I couldn't help myself with that pun).

Thanks again to everyone - especially our helpers, Jim, Trent, and Abby - and to you for reading!

- Kelsey