Awards at the County Fair! August 15 2014 1 Comment

Last weekend was the La Plata County Fair, and my mom (Pam) and I entered a few things we had created during the year.  We do it more just to support the fiber arts and local fiber groups, but appreciate getting feedback on our work at the same time.  I was very proud of my mom for winning the Grand Champion ribbon for the weaving division with her handwoven pillow made from handspun, homegrown Navajo Churro wool.  There were some amazing weaving entries this year, which is part of the reason I'm so proud!  

Handwoven pillow made from handspun, homegrown Navajo Churro wool - natural and hand-dyed colors.

I've been spinning for seven years now, and was very excited to win the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon for the yarn division, along with the Best Use of Local Wool award! 

The yarn was spun with fawn-colored Shetland lamb roving.  This lamb (Edward) was born moorit/brown, and faded to nearly white by his first shearing.  The Shetland colors are so fascinating!  (Don't get me started on Shetland sheep genetics...)

Additionally, at the urging of my mother and my friend, Carole, I entered one of my stitch marker necklaces in the jewelry division of the fair.  It won not only first-place in necklaces, but Judges' Choice award as well.  Apparently, the judge was amazed at how nicely I do my loops.  I am very flattered, and it's nice to have my hard work recognized; I work very hard on getting my loops just right and the edges tucked away because of their intended use as stitch markers. 

Thanks for stopping by - take care! :-)

-  Kelsey