Coming Soon from Dyers Wool - Mill-spun Colorado-Grown Yarn July 23 2014

I found it pretty exciting to send off over 250 lbs of wool off to the mill to be made into yarn, but maybe that excitement was because we were done skirting, sorting, and packaging 250 lbs of wool!  It was a lot of work, but it will be so fun to get the yarn back.  The yarn will be a 50/50 Corriedale/Tunis* blend, and will be available in a worsted yarn and a sock yarn with 25% nylon for durability.  We will offer the yarn in plain and dyed 4 oz. skeins. 

Both the Corriedale and Tunis fleeces were grown by farmer/friends near us in Colorado.

The Corriedale fleeces are so gorgeous!

I forget the exact numbers, but I think it was about 20 fleeces each of Corriedale and Tunis.  That's a LOT of skirting!

* The Tunis sheep is one of the oldest indigenous breeds in the U.S., and were preferred by Thomas Jefferson over Merinos.  They are a heritage breed listed on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy:  The wool is soft to medium, semi-lustrous, and resists felting.

Thanks for reading!

- Kelsey