Shearing Day 2014 March 18 2014

It was a cold and windy day this year for shearing day.  We all bundled up as much as possible and had Abby (our toddler) sit in the dog house out of the wind.  Our friend, Susan, came and helped us, thankfully!  Nick, our shearer, did a great job as usual.  I didn't take as many photos as usual, because my fingers didn't want to work in the cold.  I felt a little bad taking the sheep's coats off on such a day, but I think they're a lot tougher than I am! 

 I was excited to see my moorit (brown) Shetland ewe, Claire, hasn't faded.  This is her second shearing and her fleece is definitely dual, but soft and wavy. 

Caprica, our shaela (steel gray) Shetland cross ewe, had another gorgeous fleece.  I thought she would coarsen by her second year, but her fleece is still soft, crimpy, and has great staple length.  Hers is a single-coated fleece.

 We were please with our Shetland ram's (McIntosh) soft, wavy, pearly fleece.  Shearing day is like Christmas!

 Take care and stay warm!


- Kelsey