Bulk Colorado-Grown Roving, Natural Colors 8 oz.

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Help us make space in our wool shed! We have lovely wool that we're willing to sell in bulk at an amazing price and FREE SHIPPING just to make room for this year's crop. This listing is for bulk wool in 8 oz increments; it will be shipped in a bag inside the shipping box with a copy of the label we use on our 4 oz hanks.

We are a SE2SE participating producer.

Wool details:

Colorado-grown SHETLAND wool roving from our flock of heritage Shetland sheep. While there is a huge range in Shetland fleeces, from coarse to fine, we aim for softer fleeces with good handle and staple length - perfect for Fair Isle knitting or felting. We use organic methods, whenever possible, in producing our wool.

Colorado-grown CORRIEDALE roving is a great all-around wool - easy to spin, soft, and good staple - and this roving is no exception.  This roving makes a great woolen yarn.

Colorado-grown NAVAJO CHURRO wool roving is perfect for spinning, weaving, felting, and locker hooking. Our Navajo Churro sheep (considered a rare and endangered breed) provide us with a wide assortment of colors and have a sweeping view of the La Plata and San Juan Mountains from their fields. We use organic methods, whenever possible, in producing our wool.

Customer Reviews

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Ej Becker

I have purchased both Shetland and Corriedale, and they are both soft and fun to spin! I’m currently spinning the Shetland for a sweater spin! It comes in larger quantity which is a nice perk!

Ruth Brockman
8 ounce churro roving


Corriedale - Charcoal

Got this in one day (I'm in Colorado) and it's a dream to spin! This is the first time I've spun this type of wool, and I have to say that I'm definitely going to order more soon!!

Churro - Gray

This roving is beautiful and so easy to draft! It came within 24 hours (I live in Colorado) and the seller gave me a nice note. I'm new to spinning and was wondering if this would be hard for me, but it spins great and the yarn is strong and beautiful. I'm going to buy more!

Shetland - Charcoal

Haven't spun it yet, but fiber was clean and consistent. excited to work with it!

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