Fairy Dust Tunis Wool Roving, Colorado-Grown, 4 oz.

$ 20.00

Our hand-dyed Colorado-grown heritage Tunis* roving in 4 oz hanks makes a great woolen yarn and is easy to spin, very forgiving (our niece learned to spin with Tunis), a great fiber for socks, and resists felting. Grown by our farmer-friend & neighbor, John of Marvel Lambs.

*Tunis is one of the oldest indigenous breeds in the United States, is relatively rare as recorded by the Livestock Conservancy, and was preferred by Thomas Jefferson over Merinos.  Containing Leicester Longwool and Southdown genetics, this background gives Tunis fiber its soft and bouncy hand.  (Much of the breed information is from Clara Parkes's The Knitter's Book of Wool.)

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